Bull Parents

Bull Parents

A well-known category in the dog world that stands out for putting the well-being of its English bulldogs and French bulldogs before its own.

Apprehensive, anxious, attentive, they studyt everything that can help their paw friends to live serene, happy and healthy. The first number saved in their directory is that of the veterinary clinic.

Super careful to protect their bulldogs from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer, as the heat stroke can be fatal to them. Recognizable without an umbrella when it rains because their bullies don’t like it, they come home soaking wet, risk a cold but their bullies are super sheltered by their 100% waterproof rain-macs.

They are as happy as ever if they can wear a garment matching their bulldogs’ one and choose only the best for their paw friends.

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Compleanno, Natale, San Valentino, ogni giorno è una buona occasione per regalare una gift card ai tuoi amici bulldoggers.
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