Our tubby, wrinkled, paw friends need indeed some special sizes designed on their physical peculiarities: they are as mighty as large dogs, they have huge shoulders and thin waists   (more or less…) but they are super compact in a reduced lenght. And, most important thing: they are very delicate.

Imagine going from the warmth of your bed to the open air, wouldn’t you need to cover yourself to shelter from the milder temperatures?
Even bulldogs need it.

Emi Nava, dopo venti anni di professione nella moda di lusso, ha voluto mettere insieme la sua competenza nel settore fashion e la grande passione per il bulldog inglese. Sole, a cui è dedicata questa collezione, Teodora, Margherita e Aldo, sono i bulldog inglesi con cui ha condiviso e ha la fortuna di condividere la sua vita. Li ama, ne conosce i bisogni e li veste. Con rispetto.


“When Sole, my first bulldog, was still with me, I went crazy trying to find some nice garments that fitted her: they were either too long or, if they were not, they were way too tight!

I started then to sketch and sew a couple of prototypes that Sole used to wear. I have kept my long-cherished dream of starting my own line for English bulldogs for more than two years, in which I read up, studied, researched suitable yarns and fabrics and created a specific size chart that could meet each and every bulldogs’ need.

Today, thanks to my husband Stefano’s support, my dream came true and my intensive and hard work throughout these long months became BULLFIT FASHION. During this past year we extended the brand to French Bulldogs and to the “Bullparents”. I am very proud to dedicate it to Sole."

Emi Nava


A special thanks goes to my bull-models: my little bully Teodora, the sweetest and more patient dog ever, she supported me in this adventure with measurements and fittings day and night.

Pietro, my wonder woman friend Luisella’s bulldog who is the real “star” on set: you allowed me to take the best ever pictures and made the set of our photo shooting super funny with all the breaks you took.

Behind the scenes I have to hugely thank Lulu’ and Iron with their bull-moms Manuela and Valentina for their precious cooperation with thousands of fittings at any time.

A special thanks goes to my little Margherita, a super scared tiny bulldog we adopted from English Bulldog Rescue Italia: she prefers stealing the garments than wearing them but she is uper sweet with us.  She is as tiny as an adult French bulldog and her size perfectly fits the Frencies too.

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