Pile Melina Giallo Expand

Yellow Anthracite Pile Melina


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40,98 €

MELINA is an extremely versatile garment. It is offered in 11 colour combinations. It is made with an extra soft, easy care fabric. It is perfect also combined with our article COOLER when it is very cold.

The white version with either chocolate brown or a chic grey is perfect for both male and female bulldogs. Chocolate brown with white hems makes our bulldogs as sweet as chocolate. A grey version matched with a gorgeous pastel pink for our girls and an unusual acid green for our boys or for the most daring girls. A bigbabol pink matched with pure white hems for our super glamourous bullgirls. A new light grey with raspberry hems or raspberry with acid green hems, a refined royal blue with white hems, a fanny yellow with chacoal grey contrasted hems and a classic navy with acid green. A wide selction of colurs for each and every needs.

All the colours are offered with a tridimensional rubber label with Bullfit Fashion logo on the back.

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