B-Cool is Bullfit Fashion latest project.

After more than one year’ studies and hard work B-Cool is the best ever cooling line for your English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs when the temperature starts getting hot. Cool means fresh but also smart! Your bulldogs will stay super cool with this intelligent cooling garments that will activate only if they need it through a patented membrane. Your bulldogs will very soon feel a fresh sensation during the bullparents’ most dreaded season. Good sense is still the most important rule to prevent the bulldogs from heatstrokes, but Bullfit Fashion will help you keeping your bulldogs cool with B-Cool.

A light neckcooler in stretch cotton jersey with Bullfit Fashion embroidered logo perfectly adaptable to both your French or English bulldogs’neck. It works great and all the other breeds too. 

Nanna B-Cool

Cool naps on this pad with the revolutionary intelligent membrane adaptable to all Bullfit Fashion cushion models.
B-cool t-shirt refrigerante...
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B-cool t-shirt refrigerante balene

Bullfit Fashion
A super fashion double face bicolour grey-yellow t-shirt with a hidden pocket on the back where to insert the intelligent cooling membrane. 

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